Mosses & Ferns

The Christmas Moss Wall in its full glory. The term "moss wall" was coined by my good friend, Daphne Freeman who lives in the US of A. I used to describe it as a moss background or moss backdrop until Daphne came up with the name "moss wall".
The moss wall from another angle. Doesn't it make you drool?
An Echinodorus Red Flame which came to me all the way from Canada from another dear friend of mine, Joanna Curtis.
The Christmas Moss growing emmersed on a piece of driftwood in my terrarium. When grown emmersed, the moss loses its triangular shapes.
A Christmas Moss frond. Note the triangular shape. Don't try to check up on the scientific name of the moss. There isn't any.
Erect Moss grown tied on driftwood. Unlike the Christmas Moss in the background which hangs down, this Moss grows straight up, hence the name.
A close-up picture of the Erect Moss. Note how the fronds grow straight up.
The plant known as the Narrow Leaf Java Fern or if you prefer scientific names, Microsorum pteropus (narrow leaf).
Another bunch of the Narrow Leaf Java Ferns growing on a piece of driftwood.